New Beginnings|Student Blogging Challenge|Week 5

         Spring is for new beginnings, when rainy days slowly fade away allowing the sun to shyly emerge from the darkness of the clouds. They float away to reveal the warmth, like a blanket, covering the soil and all that sits above. I lay on the grass and think about how spring is my new beginning.
           Flowers blossom as the rays of light reflect on the droplets of dew remaining from the early hour. Exposing their sheer petals to the light and then unlocking the soft, yellow, powdery core they call pollen. The bees have anxiously been waiting. We watch as they land on the pale pink surface of the cherry blossoms and crawl steadily down to retrieve the dust. Spring is their new beginning.
           Happiness is inevitable, even when the endless blue sea above  turns murky, and the sun disappears to light another day. The stars are like crystals glimmering next to the full moon. I fall asleep, it’s peaceful and warm. A slow breeze runs through my hair and I know that in the morning the sun will rise above the peeks of the largest redwoods, and it will be the bright awakening of the sky as a new day, a new adventure begins.

Earth Hour 2015

What is Earth Hour–

Earth hour in an annual event where everyone turns out their lights for an hour to help preserve the enviroment. An hour really isn’t that long, but if everyone contributes it can make a huge difference. Earth hour is also to help inform people across the world to be mindful of how much energy they’re using on a daily basis.

I think this event is an amazing oppritunity to help not only your community, but the entire earth. Just imagine how much electricty is used every minute of everyday. It’s nice to give back and know that you’re doing something good for the world.



Help save the earth!!

Remember to turn out your lights on Saturday, March 28, 2015 from 8:30-9:30pm.


Speak Discussion Reflection

We filmed one of our literature circles about Speak and we discussed themes, questions and our opinions. We all contributed different opinions so the conversation was very interesting. Most of the people on my group viewed Mel as if they were a student at the school, but I view her more as she views herself. Mel’s confidence was destroyed at the party and ever since she has been lost and is really struggling at trying to find her voice and who she really is. Every time Mel has to speak she makes up an excuse and I don’t think that’s going to work forever.

Student Blogging Challenge| Activity 3


Photograph by: Wolfram Schubert


Down a lonely road

drawn away from city life

he balences on the edge of the train track

thinking back on what he owed

ecaping from their strife

he strolls along the edge on the train track

and knew he could never look back

for they would never forgive him

and he could never truely. live.


Student Blogging Challenge| Activity 2

Here is my story from seventh grade finals. We had to write about the photograph bellow and here is what I came up with. How would you interpret the photograph, and comment your thoughts?


Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 7.54.07 PM

Although I had never seen this house before, something about it seemed oddly familiar. I just sat there, staring at all the men crowded around me, waiting for something to happen, but it never did. I tried to scream and plead, but nothing came out. I was stuck in a living nightmare. The smoke from their cigarettes surrounded me and I was lightheaded. Mumbling words I couldn’t quite make out, they’re blank faces gazed into my eyes, and searching for an answer I didn’t know. One man in the back corner didn’t seem to acknowledge my presents and unlike all the others he held a deck of cards. He looked at the cards, astonished. His expression seemed to imply that he’d seen pigs fly. He blinked quickly to ensure that what he saw was really there and that his eyes were not to deceive him. I assumed they were cards for gambling, since the table was covered with dice, money, and there were crumpled up pieces of paper scattered across the floor, not to mention the cigarettes. Suddenly, the back door swugn open, before I saw the face, I prayed they were going to rescue me. Next thing I knew I was sitting up in my bed, breathing heavily, wondering what happened. To my relief it was a dream, just an extremely vivid dream. I rushed downstairs to tell my mom about my horrible dream, but when I shut the door behind me, I was back in that  smoke filled room. Desperately, I banged on the locked door to get back to my house; to somehow escape. I fell on my knees, head down, trying to hold back the tears that were pouring from my eyes like a waterfall. I was trapped. It wasn’t real. It wasn’t possible.

I laid in silence again wait for something to happen, but it never did. The man who had been holding the cards walked over to me and looked down sternly. I didn’t know what to expect in that moment. It was like I was a ghost, he couldn’t see me, yet some part of him knew I was there. I let out a sigh, put my head between my knees and instantly found myself at the kitchen table. I flashed back and forth through these worlds, without a clue of how it happened. I didn’t know if I was hallucinating or what, but I couldn’t seem to figure out why.

Not to my surprise, I woke up to the dreadful smell of smoke once again. This time was different though, the man with the cards spoke to me and warned me not to return, for something bad might happen. The next time I returned, there was no going back home.


We Were Liars| Thoughts on Book| Final Blog Post

My entire book group seemed to love We Were Liars, but we were all left a little perplexed at the ending. We were wondering whether the drugs for Cadence’s injured head made her imagine that she was with Gat Mirren and Johnny during the summer or were they all ghosts? I think the author purposely left us wondering and wanted us to believe what we want and add some of our own creativity to the story.

Most people told me that the ending was going to be a gigantic plot twist, but if you look closely at patterns and certain references you can pick up on what happens.Since people were telling me about the huge plot twist, I was actively looking for hints to the ending. I did recognize some themes about fire and bleeding and how nothing really seemed normal summer fifteen. By normal I mean that the liars never seemed to really be there with her and certain details led me to thinking that, like how Cadence’s mother never let her eat dinner at Cuddledown, how her mother forced her to go on that trip with her father so that granddad could remodel and how none of the liars ever emailed her back.  I wish Cadence could still be with the liars, especially Gat. It’s sad to think she’ll have to go through life without them by her side, but she is the reason they’re gone.

For my annotations, I mostly just wrote down my thoughts, questions, and signposts throughout the book. I found it was equally as helpful during discussions, because my group had many different outlooks on the book and hypothesizes to what will happen. I feel that throughout the book my annotations were mostly questions and hypotheses, because of how mysterious the book was and how much of a page turner it was. I tend to ask questions and state hypotheses while reading, because as I’m reading I’m trying to figure out the plot and themes in the story. Predicting what will happen next and asking questions helps me organize my thoughts onto the pages and when I look back it helps me remember what was going through my head. I also noticed a bunch of amazing quotes that drew me in and help me make a better connection to the characters.

“Then he pull out a handgun and shot me in the chest.

I was standing on the lawn and I fell. The bullet hole opened wide and my heart rolled out of my rib cage and down into a flower bed. Blood gushed rhythmically from my open wound,

then from my eyes,

my ears,

my mouth.” I think this quote represents the theme of bleeding and seeing her mind’s reality. I think this is Cadence’s way of showing how she truly feels and how she wants to portray herself to others in a more metaphorical way. This excerpt was taken from when Cadence’s dad left her and her mom and they were left in the driveway. The excerpt tells me that Cadence was really in shock and felt like a part of her was missing and her heart had be ripped out of her chest.

“He was contemplation and enthusiasm. Ambition and strong coffee. I could have looked at him forever.” This is how Cadence describes Gat, this is what she sees and feels when she’s with him. I loved the quote, because most people would describe another as strong coffee and I thought that was creative and insightful. Now I know why this is one of the most famous quotes from the book, I think it’s absolutely beautiful how Cadence sees her one and only.

My big theory as I was reading this book was that Cadence was with the liars when she hit her head on a rock and that Mirren, Gat and Johnny went to get help, but never came back. Throughout the book my theory became clearer and clearer and by the time Cadence jumped off the cliff, with the other liars warning her not to, I thought I knew exactly what happened summer fifteen.

“Candece can tell that Mirren, Gat and Johnny had jumped off the cliff before, that’s probably when she hit her head!” -P. 140

“If she didn’t hit her head before than Mirren, Gat and Johnny wouldn’t be worried.” -P. 142I think both of these quotes strongly represent my thinking and predictions. I was absolutely convinced that Cadence hit her head jumping off the cliff, because of all the fake hints the author gave the readers.

This theory could probably relate to many people in the world. For example, when you get a concussion, sometimes you can’t recall exactly how it happened and that’s what Cadence is going through, but in an extremely  severe case.

Overall I absolutely love this book and I’d rate it a 9, mostly because of the authors writing technique. I think E. Lockhart does an amazing job at pulling the reader in and forcing them to turn the page and find out what happens next. I would definitely recommend this book to just about anyone, but I think it would really appeal to the female young adult audience, because of the teenage romance aspect.

Literature Circle| Up to Page 156| We Were Liars

In the discussion we talked about how Cadence is starting to remember everything that’s happened summer fifteen. We also discussed what we thought was going to happen in the end. Some things we predicted were that everything is just a dream and that Cadence will eventually wake up.

“This island is ours. Here, in some way, we are young forever.” – Page. 122

I think this quote shows how the liars can escape from their regular lives and just be themselves. I think it shows how much hope they have, but yet you can see how naive they are.

In We Were Liars and Cadence is starting to remember all that’s happened summer fifteen and everything’s coming back to her. I think there are many hints throughout the book to what’s going to happen and I’m still trying to piece everything together. I think the main idea or theme of the book is contradiction between what Cadence wants to think, and reality.

We Were Liars: By E. Lockhart|Pages 1-52|Literature Circle

Cadence and the rest of the Sinclairs are living on Beachwood for the summer. Her dad recently left her at the age of 14 and she’s trying to stay strong for her mom.

A boy named Gat joins the family on island and they instantly fall in love, but Gat ends up leaving her for a girl named Raquel. He comes back the next summer and they fall in love all over again, but they don’t talk for a while and Cadence decides to travel with her father.

The last thing Cadence remembers from the accident is going swimming alone and hitting her head on a rock. Now she suffers from PTHA and Johnny, Mirren and Gat aren’t responding to any of her emails.


  • Will she ever see Johnny, Mirren or Gat ever again? Will the even go back to the island?
  • Is Gat with Raquel, where are they and why aren’t the responding?
  • What will happen to the Sinclairs, it sounds like their family is falling apart first her dad then her grandmother dies?
  • I think there may be more to Cadence’s accident than she remembers, maybe it has something to do with Johnny, Mirren and Gat.


Of Mice and Men|Chapter One| Literature Circle

We started a book called Of Mice and Men and last night we read the first chapter. We’re having our first literature circle today and here are some of my questions/comments:

  • The two men featured in the story, George and Lennie, are complete opposites. How will this will effect them in the future?
  • George is more of the leader figure and Lennie is constantly being referred to as an animal. Will this change at all throughout the story?
  • Something is keeping George and Lennie together, maybe some type of brotherly bond or are they close friends?